ID Course Name
NTU109S001 Special Topic on Livable Cities
NTU109S002 Healthy Landscape Healthy ​People Studio
NTU109S003 Health Policy
ID Course Name
NTHU109S001 Electromagnetism
NTHU109S002 Introduction to Data Structure
NTHU109S003 Analysis and Synthesis of Digital Audio Signals
NTHU109S004 Introduction to Data Structure
ID Course Name
NCTU109S001 Semiconductor Devices and Physics
NCTU109S002​ Introduction to Anglo-American Law
NCTU109S003 International Business Transactions
NCTU109S004 U.S. Publicity Traded Corporations
NCTU109S005 Semiconductor Physics and Devices (I)
NCTU109S006 Information and Communication Technology: Selection, Adoption, and Use​
NCTU109S007 Radiation Effects in Electronics
ID Course Name
OU109S001 Effectively Communicating Your Science & Research
OU109S002 Special Lecture: Design Studies-Creative Mind, Methods and Processes
ID Course Name
USTC109S001 Safety in Chemical Lab
USTC109S002 Particle Cosmology (Live)
ID Course Name
YU109S001 Understanding Global Impact of COVID-19
YU109S002 Intensive Korean Economy