ID Course Name
OU110F001 Introduction to Integrated Biology
OU110F002 pecial Lecture: Climate Change in Asia Pacific – Science and Solutions
OU110F003 Religion in Japanese Society
OU110F004 Introduction to Nanobiology
OU110F005 Introduction to Biomolecular Networks
OU110F006 Introduction to Biophysical Dynamics
OU110F007 Introduction to Chemical Engineering Science : Basic and Bio-Inspired Approach
ID Course Name
TU110F001 Japanese Corporate Culture, Employment Practices
TU110F002 Business Global Leadership on Career design with EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
TU110F003 Japanese Communication Behaviors: Japanese Values
TU110F004 Multicultural Education and Human Rights Education
ID Course Name
USTC110F001 Safety in Chemical Lab
USTC110F002 Particle Cosmology
ID Course Name
NTU2022F001 Health Policy
NTU2022F002 Healthy Landscape Healthy People Studio
ID Course Name
NYCU2022S001 Environmental Analysis
NYCU2022S002 Polymer Physics
NYCU2022S003 Principles and Applications of Materials Characterization Techniques
NYCU2022S004 Introduction to Photovoltaics
NYCU2022S005 Radiation Effects in Electronics
NYCU2022S006 Introduction to two-dimensional materials and systems
NYCU2022S007 Blockchain and Law
ID Course Name
NTHU2022S001 Macroeconomics (II)
ID Course Name
OU2022S001 Internationalization of Higher Education in Japan
OU2022S002 Japan: Society and Ideology
OU2022S003 Managing Innovation and Change
OU2022S004  Intelligence and Learning
OU2022S005  Fundamentals of Computer Science
OU2022S006 Effectively Communicating Your Science and Research
OU2022S007 Osaka University Anniversary Lecture Series
ID Course Name
PT2022S001 Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Engineering
PT2022S002 Interaction Design Studio


ID Course Name
USTC2022S001 Safety in Chemical Lab
USTC2022S002 Particle Cosmology