ID Course Name
NTU2022F01 Analysis and Application of Climate Data
ID Course Name
NTHU2022F01 Macroeconomics (I)
ID Course Name
NYCU2022F01 International Business Management
NYCU2022F02 Modern Marketing Perspectives
NYCU2022F03 Financial Management
NYCU2022F04 Transportation System Analysis
NYCU2022F05 Operations Research (I)
NYCU2022F06 Introduction to solid state physics
NYCU2022F07 Engineering Design
NYCU2022F08 Lab on Python for Data Science and Machine Learning
NYCU2022F09 Characterization and Analysis of Polymer
ID Course Name
PT2022F01 Thermodynamics
PT2022F02 AR/VR Design & Fabrication Studio
ID Course Name
OU2022F01 Learning SDGs Globally and Locally(closed)
OU2022F02 Introduction to Chemical Engineering Science: Basic and Bio-Inspired Approach
OU2022F03 Introduction to Earth and Space Science
OU2022F04 Religion in Japanese Society
OU2022F05 Media and Communications in Japan
OU2022F06 Advanced Lectures from Science to Industry
OU2022F07 Structural Organic Chemistry
OU2022F08 Osaka University Anniversary Lecture_FW
OU2022F09 Climate Change in Asia Pacific ― Science and Solutions
OU2022F10 Introduction to Human-centered Design
OU2022F11 Design Studies ― Creative Process and Methods
ID Course Name
HKUST2022F01 Microelectronic Devices and Technology
ID Course Name
USTC2022F01 Safety in the chemical lab (icourse online)
USTC2022F02 Particle Cosmology (MOOC)