Application Step

Follow the steps below to complete your application of the Global Learning Initiatives Program.

  • STEP 1

    Course offerings can be found here.

    You may apply for up to 3 courses within the Global Learning Initiatives Program per round.

  • STEP 2

    Complete the form endorsement.
    You will need to provide a scan of the endorsed copy with your online application. Fill out and submit your online application here.

  • STEP 3

    The course-offering university will contact you in regards to your participation.

  • STEP 4

    If your application is accepted, you may need to provide further information to formally enroll in the courses.

  • STEP 5

    Enjoy your courses!

For general inquiries and form endorsement, please contact the coordinator in your home university.
If you have problems with the online application, please contact the program coordinator Ms. Jieqin WANG.


Participating Universities University Coordinator
Contact Information
More Information from Home University
Fudan University 牛珊


The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Emily CHOW (Ms.)
Office of Global Learning


Korea Advanced Institute of Science ​and Technology
Jaekyung LEE (Ms.)
International Office
Kyoto University
International Service Office
Nanjing University
National Taiwan University
Ocean KUO (Ms.)
Office of International Affairs
Wendy CHEN (Ms.)
Office of International Affairs
National Tsing ​Hua University
Jean TAI (Ms.)
Office of Global Affairs
National Yang Ming Chiao ​Tung University
​Katie LAI (Ms.)
Office of International Affairs ​


Osaka University
MINOKAMI Hiroko (Ms.)
International Affairs Division, Department of International Affairs
Peking University
Pohang University of ​Science and Technology

[University Coordinator]
Mr. Kwangho HAN
Director External Relations and Communications

[Inbound Coordinator]
Ms. Dayeon Yang
Assistant Manager, External Relations and Communications

Seoul National University
Ms. Hyunju Bae
Office of International Affairs
Tohoku University
Shuichi TSUKAMOTO (Mr.)
Student Exchange Division (留学生課)
Tokyo Institute of Technology
​Toku HIRASAWA (Mr.)
Office of Education and International Cooperation
Tsinghua University
John Paul GRIMA (Mr.)
Office of International Affairs
University of ​Science and Technology of China
General Affairs, Office of International Cooperation
(国际合作与交流部 学生出访/来访国际项目管理)

The University of Tokyo
International Exchange Group
University of Tsukuba
Yukari KOBAYASHI (Ms.)
Office of Global Initiatives
Yonsei University
Gyuri JEONG(Ms.)
Office of International Affairs