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Please find below a list of Global Learning Initiatives Program courses offered by National Taiwan University (NTU). You can click on the course syllabus link for more detailed information on each course. For inquiries about the courses, please refer to the bottom of the page for program coordinator contact information at NTU.

ID Course Name Details
NTU109S001 Special Topic on Livable Cities Number of Course Hours: 54
Course Date: Feb 25 – Jun 18
Course Time: Thursday 14:20-17:20 (Taipei)
Class Size: 14
Student Quota: 7
Targeted Students: Master and Doctoral (PhD) only
Suggested Proficiency:IELTS 6.5, ​TOEFL 100
Course Syllabus
NTU109S002 Healthy Landscape Healthy ​People Studio Number of Course Hours: 90 (Including lecture, in class studio and on-site data collection)
Course Date: Feb 23 – Jun 17
Course Time: Monday 8:00-12:00 (Taipei)
Class Size: 20 (Tentative)
Student Quota: 10
Targeted Students: Bachelor(Third & Fourth year), ​Master and Doctoral (PhD) only
Suggested Proficiency:None
Course Syllabus
NTU109S003 Health Policy Number of Course Hours: 36
Course Date: Feb 25 – Jun 18
Course Time: Thursday 13:20-15:10 (Taipei)
Class Size: 30
Student Quota: 10
Targeted Students: Bachelor and ​Master only
Suggested Proficiency:basic knowledge of Economics
Course Syllabus
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  • Admission: Students endorsed by your home university will generally be accepted by the course-offering university, while the course-offering university retains the right to make final admission decisions.
  • Course Schedule: Course start and end date may be different from your home university, as well as the time zone. Please carefully check the course syllabus to make sure that the courses fit into your schedule.
  • Course withdrawal: If there are any force majeure circumstances that you would like to withdraw, please contact Ms. Ocean Kuo before May 21, 2021 (for Spring 2021 round). Please note that the courses you withdrew from would shown on your transcript with a “W”.
  • Transcript and Credit Transfer: ​At the end of the course, we will send an official transcript/academic records to your home university. Please follow relevant procedures at home university for how to obtain credit transfers.
NTU Coordinator Contact Information
Ocean KUO (Ms.)
+886 (0)2 3366 2007 #253